Texinov Locaux Atelier France

Created in 1972 in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, MDB Texinov® initially manufactured very lightweight and run-resistant fabrics for the lingerie and clothing industry, using warp-knit technology. From the 1980s, the company started developing technical textiles using warp-knit technology (tricot and Raschel knits), a technique which held much promise for the agrotextiles industry.

The company’s agrotextile offer developed, focusing on protecting crops against insects with the Filbio® netting range, and originally using the type of knit used for making bridal veils. Now in use for almost 25 years, this tried and tested product has become our best-selling anti-insect netting. The diversity of markets in the horticulture/agriculture sector quickly led Texinov MBD® to expand its offer to include a variety of product ranges, from anti-insect netting to thermal insulation and shading screens, as well as climate-control and protective netting.

In addition to its in-house expertise in R&D, MDB Texinov® has developed close ties with the key players in the agricultural community, as well as with laboratories and experimental stations. This has enabled the company to develop innovative products that meet the needs of farming professionals and which are in keeping with responsible farming practices, allowing inputs to be reduced:

  • Ultravent® next-generation anti-insect netting, co-patented with INRA
  • FILBIO® anti-insect netting, made of compostable material (PLA), according to standard 13432
  • Longer-lasting shade netting for 25% more usage
  • Support system for strawberry floral stalks (Supnet) (reduced use of plant protection products)
  • Irrigation mat (Covernet®) for vegetated rooftops

As a founding member of AgéBio (Biological Engineering Association), MDB Texinov® also puts its concern for the environment at the forefront of its developments and projects. The current product range, manufactured by the company at its production site in France, comprises products made from either synthetic or bio-based polymers.

The company’s location and its organisational structure allows us to remain responsive and flexible so that we can easily adapt to meet our customer’s needs. As a specialist in 100% local textile manufacturing, MDB Texinov® positions itself based on:

  • Genuine specialisation, resulting from our ongoing dialogue with our business customers during the development of our products. This allows us to offer products that are adapted to the needs of the market, providing real added value in comparison to our competitors’ standard products, in particular those imported from Asia.
  • Prior calculation of the added value necessary to remain competitive within our fields of activity, both industry and agriculture.
  • An approach based on the eco-design of products to reflect as closely as possible the current economic and environmental concerns.
  • 100% French manufacture, ensuring that we pay careful attention to worldwide market demands in the agricultural sector and provide a prompt and flexible response.


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