Our protective netting and screens are manufactured entirely in France with production equipment that includes 70 tricot and Raschel warp-knitting machines, as well as warping and thermosetting lines. The design of textile products for the agricultural sector is what defines us as a company. We therefore have our own production line so that we can ensure reliability, availability and product quality.

Each of our experts intervenes throughout the various design and production stages to help ensure that the textiles produced offer the best possible performance. Production and marketing are monitored by a team dedicated to the agricultural sector, to provide our customers in France and elsewhere in the world with the solutions they need.


Our protective netting and other agricultural textile products are manufactured in standard sizes varying from 1 m to 6 m in width. However, upon request, we can custom-manufacture larger nets for larger farms.

Our custom-manufacturing department allows customers to adapt their netting to meet the needs of their specific activity and have specific items of protection manufactured (greenhouse gables, sleeves or sheaths for seed production, pollination cages, hems, reinforcements for zips, specific cuts, etc.). This manufacturing expertise provides veritable added value, guaranteeing customised solutions to meet the needs of all our customers.


Texinov Certification Qualite Filet Agricole

MDB Texinov® constantly strives to improve its design, manufacturing and logistics processes. Our rigorous monitoring of production allows the company to undergo regular certification auditing by a number of reference bodies.

Our textile products for crop protection are subjected to these manufacturing and qualification processes in order to meet quality standards and comply with environmental restrictions. MDB Texinov® also has in-house facilities (laboratories, Quality department) so that we may perform tests and checks to ensure optimal quality in order to meet the demands of our customers.

MDB Texinov® guarantees its customers in the agricultural sector effective products (own design) that are made entirely in France, as well as a prompt response and capacity to adapt. The company has ISO 9001 Version 2015 certification, which guarantees a quality management approach (QMS) in the development and improvement of its activities and customer service.

Research, development and innovation (RDI)

Texinov Procede Recherche Innovation Brevet

There are a great many sectors in agriculture, all of which are subject to regulatory or environmental requirements which attest to the integrity of the farming system in question. These requirements are in constant evolution, and farmers need to be provided with appropriate solutions that are adapted to their farming methods.

MDB Texinov® has a team that is entirely dedicated to research and innovation, comprising materials, textile and agricultural engineers who are able to develop custom-made textiles solutions. By working together closely with our customers within the agricultural sector on specific projects, we are able to develop innovative solutions unlike any other on the market, such as our support system for strawberry floral stalks, our irrigation mat for vegetated rooftops and our range of mulches.

Our teams remain attentive at all times to customer feedback on our ranges of netting in order to ensure proper monitoring and to enable us to improve the characteristics of each of our products.


MDB Texinov® has access to a network of institutional and academic partners, allowing us to work together with the sector’s scientific bodies to forward innovation in agriculture:

  • INRA for applied research, joint product development and co-patents,
  • Experimental stations: CTIFL, GRAB (Avignon), SEHBS (Brittany), SERAIL, RATHO (Lyon), INVENIO (Southwestern France)
  • LNE and CNEP (UV-exposure testing)

Several multi-year collaborative R&D projects in which MDB Texinov® is a partner, have been awarded labels by competitiveness clusters (Techtera, Terralia) and are backed by either national bodies (FUI, ADEME) or international ones (European research programmes).

MDB Texinov® is a member of the professional organisations: CPA (Plastics Committee in Agriculture) and Agébio.


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