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Anti-insect netting specifically designed to protect against whitefly (Bemisia tabaci)

Ultravent® is derived from a development co-patented with INRA. This anti-insect netting has been proven effective against Bemisia tabaci (also known as whitefly) and aphids. These sucking insects feed on the sap of the plants that they parasitise and require heat to thrive. That is why they are found, in particular, on outdoor crops in hot regions and in greenhouses in colder regions. Ultravent® anti-insect netting is particularly well-suited for use on greenhouse openings and side vents. The net combines several functions that promote plant growth: protection against whitefly and aphids, minimal shading, optimised climate (ventilation, humidity, temperature) and excellent diffusion of light. To optimise the effectiveness of Ultravent® netting, we are currently studying the possibility of installing specific cord systemson greenhouse openings.



  1. Specific protection against whitefly and aphids
  2. Can be installed on greenhouse openings and side vents
  3. Optimised climate
  4. Custom manufacturing with accessories possible




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