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Climate-control netting: windbreaking and shading nets

The Soltex® climate-control netting range differs from the Eole range in that it offers superior windbreaking and shading capacities. The mesh of our Soltex® netting, made from 100% UV-stabilised polyethylene, is much denser and much more tightly-knit, providing up to 75% shading in strong light conditions and allowing airflow to be reduced by 70%. Soltex® climate-control nets are guaranteed to last and remain effective for up to 10 years under optimal conditions of installation and use.

These climate-control nets allow you to fully control both the quality and the quantity of your production while blending in perfectly with the natural environment.



  1. Protection against extreme sunshine or wind conditions
  2. Controlled and optimised climate
  3. Up to 10 years of use
  4. Easy installation thanks to the buttonholes (for cord insertion)


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