Texinov Filet Protection Thermique

Climate protection of crops

Many weather events over the last few decades have caused major losses and damage, affecting farmers throughout the world. Climate-related damage to farms (vineyards, orchards, market gardens, etc.) has highlighted the vulnerability of the agricultural sector (arboriculture, horticulture, nursery production, market gardening, viticulture, seed production, etc.) in the face of climate hazards.

In addition, IPCC studies have brought to light an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events since the year 2000.

The climate is constantly undergoing change, and predicting it remains a complex task due to the many factors involved (geographic location, temperature, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, sunshine, humidity,wind speed, human impact). As a result of these changes, crop outputs are ever more frequently affected by seasonal climate incidents (hail, frost, strong winds, storms, torrential rain, extreme temperature variations).

MDB Texinov® supplies an entire range of crop-protection netting to protect against the damage caused by these climate changes. By drawing on the results of our in-depth laboratory analyses and on customer experiences, we manufacture of our netting ranges to respond to various climate-related problems:

  1. Eole: windbreaking and shading nets, adapted to farming conditions in mild climates;
  2. Soltex®: protective netting for crops subjected to extreme sunshine and wind conditions (protection for nurseries and hot climates);
  3. Paraflex®: flexible and run-resistant netting, specifically designed to protect crops against hail, and with specific products for arboriculture and viticulture;
  4. Protex: safeguarding nets (snow and large pests).


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